A few words about Mindful Muscles

Project MINDFUL MUSCLES uses a positive, strengths-based approach to alleviate the burden of body image disturbances, as well as appearance and performance concerns that may drive some exercisers or athletes to use Image-and-Performance-Enhancement Drugs (IPEDs), such as anabolic steroids.

Our approach is unique because we build on an array of mental strengths that all people possess, but don’t know how to use optimally to their benefit. This includes:




Character strengths

The Mindful Muscles MASC Resources

Utilising cutting-edge research and empirical evidence, we have developed a range of MASC resources that enable their users to:

  • Focus on their mental strengths to overcome body concerns and related issues.
  • Become more mindful and adopt a healthy, drug-free way of doing sport and exercise.
  • Develop a positive mindset and accept the imperfections of the human body.
  • Become more compassionate and accepting of their physical appearance.

The Mindful Muscles MASC Resources are freely available and can be accessed here:

Resources for Practitioners

We have developed the Mindful Muscles – Practitioners’ Manual to support practitioners working in the areas of anti-doping education, counselling, and mental health support for exercisers, athletes, and/or people using or thinking about using IPEDs.

The Mindful Muscles – Practitioners’ Manual explains what the Mindfulness, Acceptance, Self-compassion, and Character strengths are, and how you can integrate them in your daily practice for the prevention of IPEDs use, as well as for harm reduction.

The Mindful Muscles – Practitioners’ Manual can be accessed in the following link, and is available in English, Serbian, Greek, other languages (to be confirmed).